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Dave by campfire light

Mark by campfire light

Stephen by campfire light

The campfire


Shawn by campfire light

Neil at the campsite


The campsite

From upstairs looking down at the family room

Jim is showing one of the bedrooms


VIDEO - NJ at the Songdog

One of the dogs at the Songdog Ranch jumping for the ball

Jim is showing one of the bedrooms

The Songdog Ranch from the campsite area

The windmill in the ranch house yard

They must be trained hawks

VIDEO - Three good riders

Two of the Brits enjoying breakfast

Campsite in Troy Meadows, CA

Shawn and Mark enjoying their breakfast

Shawn's bike is well packed

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Our bikes at the ranch house

Zinnia in bloom

I've got that itch I can't get

Overland Park KS Arboretum artist

Taking a rest along the highway

Newport Beach

Overland Park KS Arboretum 2

Overland Park KS Arboretum 1

MM MM good

Four of us at the Songdog Ranch

Bike is packed and ready for the next trip

Eureka Springs, AK

There's no place like gnome

Tom's beast

Eureka Springs north Arkansas Railroad Musium

Eureka Springs north Arkansas Railroad

All aboard

On the road early heading home

And the engineer

I'm watching you

VIDEO - Long Train

Going through the top corner of Texas

Shhh listen