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Murph trying out the ST with his daughter Alee

Good ride 10-2-16 on Angeles Crest Hwy

Two of my favorite people

Murph and an upside down Christmas tree

VIDEO - I love trains and No I was not holding the camera

Murph's son Ryan

Bonsai forest nearing full color

The guy has his drone flying...Look on the left side of the pic

Bee enjoying my breakfast

My latest wallpaper pic

A good size pomegranate off of my bonsai

No need for a caboose

VIDEO - My neighborhood at night

Bonsai forest is in full color

VIDEO - Ride10-23-16

And that's the way it is


Interesting software

Isn't Mother Nature Awesome

This pond is filled with moss

VIDEO - Me Speedig...No way

Halloween at Sandy and Mike's home

VIDEO Chino Airport

VIDEO - Stormy Day with the drone

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