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Stopping for a respite

It's against the law for me not to take pics of flowers as we travel

VIDEO - In Zion NP before and after a tunnel

Campsite in Moab and it rained that night

Campsite in Zion NP

The four of us

Wet tent...Dry cabin

A 65 degree Pan shot puts a curve in the street

So the next couple of nights we moved into a cabin

Canyonland NP is beautiful

Taking a brake in Utah

First good shot at Zion NP

Yeah that's me enjoying my coffee in the rain in my nice dry tent

View from the cabin

Another campsite in Moab

The meeting place for the start of our Utah trip

Campsite in Zion NP. What a view

As we gather around the table to make plans with Gary Mike and Pete

VIDEO - 3 Canyonland videos in one

VIDEO - 3 Canyonland vids in one

It looks like a majestic rock castle

The rise and fall at Arches NP

The majestic  rock castle in the background

Pete posing for me in Arches NP

Balanced rock at Arches NP

Arches NP 2

VIDEO—Three Arches vids in one

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There is a raven sitting on top of the arch. Pics were taken from the view point

Arches National Park

I met up with Betty Boop on my way home

The donkeys run free in Oatman, AZ

I like trains

From model air show 1

From model air show 2

From model air show 3

From model air show 7

From model air show 8

From model air show 10

From model air show 11

From model air show 12

VIDEO—Wait for it...There’s a train coming

From model air show 9

From model air show 13

From model air show 14

And then we get to see how real it really is while flying

This is a strange one.  See the video

VIDEO—Strange flyer