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L A Arboretum

A little black bug on the stem of the flowers

L B Working it

Orchid 2

Carbon Canyon Coastal Redwood Grove in Orange County

Orchid 1

Flowering tree 2

He's eating my bugs...Yeah

Flowering tree

From the L A Arboretum

Queen Ann’s Cottage

Carbon Canyon Coastal Redwood Grove

Orchid 3

Another Flowering Tree

Something wild and pretty

NO! NO! Don't put me away for another year

Old Covered Wagon

VIDEO - Riding the power line road above Lytle Creek

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Painted Turtle with a little closer look

Painted Turtle

Living in Harmony

Lizzy is heating up

Ground Cover flower

Queensland Bottle Tree

Up around 8,000 feet

My colors go good with red

Early morning drive

Catalina Island is 40 miles away in the background

ST1300 on Glendora Ridge Road

From my Kitchen window