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Lots of bees


David at Lost Lake


Lost Lake is lost. Firefighters has to empty Lost Lake during a recent fire


VIDEO Tarantula on the move


My favorite resting spot on GRR


Harry the Tarantula


Supermoon in November 2016

VIDEO - Glendora Ridge Road


Sunset 11-12-02016

Jerry does good work2


All my ducks in a row...Ahh those aren't ducks

This leaf did its job


It looks like a heated conversation


Supermoon 11-13-2016


Jerry does good work

1993 ST1100A for sale


Runs Great - Asking $2,000

ST1100A Odometer 154,000 miles


My Beemer F800GSA

My Beemer F800GSA Packed for camping

VIDEO - On the way to Hole in the Wall Campground

VIDEI - On the way from Hole in the Wall Campground


Camping at Hold In the Wall Campground in CA

VIDEO - Pete working on dinner

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