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The pistil of this flower is interesting

Sweet Gum or Liquidambar leaf

I'm ready for the orchids to bloom

Big Bend National Park in West Texas

California Mule Deer

The bike is packed and road ready

Roy riding by

Oh Deer

Five inch tall cactus

Brr - It's not supposed to be this cold in Texas

Three of us on a ride in Big Bend NP

Two deer

Campsite in Big Bend NP

Shannon Riding by

VIDEO Big Bend National Park 11-2014

GRR on a sunny day but in the shade of the mountains

Angeles Crest Hwy 11-1-14

A rest stop in Angeles Crest Hwy

This is a young Texas buck

Young Texas Buck

Roy and Shannon at 21 degreeeeees

The ghost shot of Dan with campfire lighting

Yes - we do look pretty good even though we are freezing our butts off

The locals yard sale

Look close, this is the business side of a desert cactus

KLRs outnumber the Beemer

Rio Grande River with Mexico on the left side  US on the right

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Cold...Yes it's cold.

The crane taking off

Wonder Woman got a little dirty guarded my bike while I slept

UCLA - Stanford game

On 3

UCLA lost