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From Mt. Wilson

The 100 inch telescope at Mt. Wilson

You can almost feel the power coming from Mt. Wilson in CA

Douglas DC-3 at Chino Airport CA

This Ducati is inside Newcomb's

From the Planes of Fame Air Museum

They are having an aphid party

This deer was helping me take a rest

I have 3 pomegranates growing in my 15 inch tall bonsai tree

From someone's garden.

A flower...actually it might be considered a weed with three little flies

House or a barn

From Angeles Crest Hwy 7-5-15


Here are the flies on a flower pestle close up

Is this close enough or do you want me closer.

It's a Lotus.

Taken from the water's edge

A desert flower

A penny for your thoughts

Lighthouse in Newport Beach

Pat Esme Will and Alf

I’m watching you

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He removed the steering wheel

Coast Guard on duty

Seagull eating

We saw lots of pelicans seagulls and sailboats

Newport Beach

Sailboats from the cruse

Our captain and the crew

Duffy Boat ride

John Wayne's boat. I was at a wedding on this boat 1,000 years ago

It’s For Sale