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It says Auto Repair on the side of the building

Pete Mike Brad, Gary in Mammoth Lakes

Taking a break near Mono Lake

My kind of tractor

That's Mr. Oriole to you

Mono Mill harvested lumber for Bodie CA

Packed and ready for home

Gary and his new ride

A manure spreader

Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes CA

The falls taken from Twin Lakes in Mammoth Lakes, CA

Are you following me

Another prize tractor

The beauty of the mountains from Twin Lakes Mammoth

I took the following pic from here

A Dandy Bike

VIDEO Honey Bee is Busy

Listen. The sky is talking

Twin Lakes from the bridge

Campsite in Mammoth Lakes

Dock area in Twin lakes from the mountain

Campsite in Yosemite. Just taking it easy

Dock area in Twin lakes from the shore

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to enlarge then
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Ms Oriole is drinking the humming birds water. Drink up

Heavy duty equipment in Bodie

Heavy duty equipment

Nice wagon

Church in Bodie

Now that's a saw blade

Bodie Main Street

Mom and her two kids

Bodie CA pic 1

Bodie CA pic 2

Haunted from OC Fair 2014

Mr. Roadrunner

Only a biker knows

Last man standing in Boade

I tried to tell her she could ride but only as a passenger

It's not how fast you go  It's how you go fast

A closer look in Bodie CA

Marten babies

Babies peeking out