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1966 Jaguar engine

1966 Jaguar pic 2

1966 Jaguar pic 1

And his name is

An early look at some Christmas decorations

Newcombs on a Sunday

Mistletoe growing in the trees

You kept me awake all night so I am snoozing today

Hmm! What kind of car is this

Cara B 12-24-17

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Bug Hunter

December Rose

Shrimp Scampie

Venice Beach Performers

Mt. Wilson gate was locked

Mt Wilson Observatory

David says--What is it

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GMR was closed so I settled for Big Dalton Canyon Road

GMR was closed so I settled for Big Dalton Canyon

The reason for the season

Another Beautiful Tree

Beautiful Tree

Christmas Tree 2017

LB Santa story

Pechanga Resort and Casino

Christmas 2017

Carol and Pete

Verna Roger and Peg

Misty and bro Jason

Looking good Misty

Now we know the real Dale

VIDEO - Christmas Dinner with Family 12-25-17 in 5 sconds

Warner Springs Airport

Moon 12-28-17

Jake and Lisa 12-30-17