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My side of the truck as we rolled over

Rollover truck 2

Rollover truck with passenger side smashed

Out the window at 30 MPH

Adam caught me trying to get our of the pic

Nice looking old building huh

BAPS Hindu Temple at night

VIDEO  After the 360 rollover

BAPS Hindu Temple in day light

Tow plane pulling a sailplane

Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress at Planes of Fame Chino CA Airport

Rollover Description

The ruins of someone’s home stead near Snelling CA

I believe this is a Conard parked at Chino Airport

It might be from Russia

Ready for Santa in Chino Hills CA 2014

VIDEO I'm just trying to keep up with Adam

Self Powered Sailplane

He's checking to see if I have been good or bad

Santa stopped by for coffee

2014 After Christmas Motorcycle Party

Christmas dinner with family

Where's my food

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Adam looking good