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New leaves

The leaves in the spring just seem to pop out

Amaryllis in my yard

They are making bugs

This baby bird now has a future

A bug

And this is how they grow

I'm Rufous and I own this feeder

Now that's a pine cone

More wild flowers

Wild flower up close

And is a hardy eater

Wild Flower from the San Gabriel mountains

This flower dominates the mountains in the spring time

Beautiful place to ride

Shhh I'm listening

Bottle Brush

Okay so I like flowers

Actually they are weeds but this time of year they are flowers

And more wild flower

Mt Baldy in the background  Spring 2014

San Gabriel Mountains are filled with wild flower

Plumeria in bloom

Mum's the word

Red is my favorite color

Drink up, Finch

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1966 Chevy Nova

Above Lytle Creek 4-27-14

VIDEO Above Lytle Creek 4-27-14

Fog King Lights for an auto restoration project for sale